Saturday, October 10, 2009

Going into "Day 5"

Due to my long break this is technically only day 5 of actually working on making gold. I am up around 15,000 gold from my initial investment of 100 gold and some glyphs, so things aren't looking that badly right now. I found some great deals on some cardinal rubies, bought 38 of them at 110g/ea, resold for 180-190g each within minutes of listing them, so that was an easy 3k gold. The glyph market on my server is so volatile right now that I am a little sketchy on trying to get back in to it, so I have basically been buying up a lot of the herbs and re-listing for about +10g/stack. Herb stacks selling consistently for 35-40g is pretty crazy (thanks MMO-Champ).

Anyways, bought a ton of Glacial Salmon from a chinese farmer for 6g per stack last night so I am gonna start cooking up some food, have around 1200 or so that need cooked (sounds like a blast, 2 hours of watching a progress bar).

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